Other Ceremonies

Other Ceremonies
You don’t just move through your life with events happening to you. You experience those events. You can look back at them, think about them and in your mind, you give them meaning. You can look forward and think about your future. You can make plans. And you can choose to live this one life well.

Andrew Copson and Alice Roberts 2020. The little book of humanism: universal lessons on finding purpose, meaning and joy.

We had a wonderful day and many people commented on how having a Humanist ceremony made it a much more moving and personal experience.

Juliette and Mark.

I offer ceremonies that celebrate, commemorate or otherwise mark such occasions as:


  • Birth and naming
  • Welcoming of an adopted child or stepchild
  • Coming of age, transitions to youth
  • Graduation
  • Marriage and civil partnerships
  • LGBTQ+ marriage and civil partnerships
  • Combinations of a birthday and naming or marriage and a naming
  • Renewal of marital promises
  • Milestone birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Funerals
  • Commemorations and memorials


Also, I offer advice on how to prepare a eulogy or tribute.


Whatever event or occasion you wish to celebrate, commemorate or mark, indeed, any kind of ceremony not listed above, just contact me to discuss your ideas and options.

Wow, that was amazing. Never in a million years could I have pulled off what you did this evening. It was brilliant and you’ve most definitely raised the bar in celebrating milestone birthdays. That was pure magic!

Stuart – commenting on a This is your life, themed party in celebration of a friend’s 50th birthday.


Gary arranged a surprise 50th Birthday party for me, ‘This is your life’ OMG I was so surprised, what a fantastic night, thank you so much to Gary and all of my family and friends that contributed to making my 50th so special, I love you all xxx


Wow, I never thought my 50th birthday would be so much fun! It started with a surprise ‘This is your life’ party, followed by a surprise trip to a place that I had always wanted to visit, Dublin. This is one birthday I will never ever forget. Thank you Gary John Vaudin