Welcome to the Ministry of Life

Creating and conducting captivating,
meaningful and memorable Humanist
ceremonies for all life’s occasions


Creating and conducting captivating, meaningful and memorable Humanist ceremonies for all life’s occasions

Jenny and I just don’t know where to begin in thanking you for your role in creating such a beautiful, personal and captivating service. Words fail us.

Many guests have said to us what an incredibly moving occasion it was. Some folk were moved to tears, whilst one guest whom we know well and who is extremely religious, was as generous in her praise as our family was.

We are so indebted to you. Apart from your wonderful handling of the ceremony, what was clear to us was the enormous amount of effort and preparation that you put in beforehand.

Gary; you have a talent for conducting a ceremony that surpasses anything we have ever come across. You are absolutely in a league of your own!

With our very, very sincere thanks

Rodney and Jenny.

Gary Vaudin

Hello, I’m Gary and welcome to the Ministry of Life.


A Humanist celebrant, I will assist you in celebrating, commemorating or otherwise marking any of life’s crucial, significant and special events with a captivating, meaningful and memorable ceremony. Whether you are seeking to celebrate the birth and naming of a child, a marriage or civil partnership, a renewal of marital promises, a milestone birthday or an anniversary, or commemorate the life of someone near and dear who has passed away, I will help you devise a bespoke and personalised ceremony.


The first celebrant in the Channel Islands to be accredited by Humanists UK (formerly the British Humanist Association), I perform Humanist ceremonies, which are of a non-religious or secular nature. Humanist ceremonies, however, are not exclusive. They are intended to be inclusive of and meaningful to everyone present, whatever their beliefs, faith or outlook on life.


Born, raised and resident in the Island of Guernsey where I am still the only celebrant accredited by Humanists UK, I perform ceremonies not only locally but also in the outlying islands of the Bailiwick and in the sister Island of Jersey. I am willing, however, to travel literally overseas and perform ceremonies almost anywhere.

Since 1989 when I was first accredited, I have conducted all kinds of Humanist ceremony in such unusual venues as castles, community centres, a concert hall, parish halls, a farm, a playschool and nursery, an historic manor house, private houses, function rooms, hotels, public houses, restaurants, a football stadium, social clubs and a redundant church. I have also conducted ceremonies in the great outdoors on beaches and cliff tops, in fields, gardens, marquees, nature reserves, a vineyard and even on a boat at sea.


What I most enjoy about my work as a celebrant is meeting people from all walks of life, listening to their ideas and stories, and collaborating with them to develop a clear picture of what they desire or expect of the various ceremonies that I offer. Drawing on well-honed research and writing skills, I find it immensely satisfying to help people convey their ideas and stories through ceremony and ritual. Whatever the occasion, whether formal or informal, I am passionate about creating and conducting captivating, meaningful, memorable and utterly unique ceremonies.

Excellent ceremony. Gary went above and beyond.


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