Humanist Funeral Service
Wonderful ceremony. Gary's attention to detail was outstanding. He spent many hours gathering and collating information about my father's life. His delivery of the service was factual, upbeat and compassionate. I cannot explain in words my total appreciation of the services he provided. He was sensitive and helpful at all times and made a very difficult day more bearable.



Dr Jeaneane Fowler, author of Humanism: beliefs and practices, wrote that there are two reasons why the death of an individual is marked with ceremony. Firstly, to allow a life to pass away without remark or tribute of some kind has never seemed right to the human psyche, whatever the nature of the deceased person. Secondly, death often generates a sense of the fleetingness and vulnerability of life. Bereavement can evoke loneliness, contemplation on life and its meaning, and reflection the way forward after loss. Bereavement is a time when the deepest, psychological fears about death emerge. Given these factors, a funeral provides an opportunity for family and friends to pay the deceased their last respects, bid him or her a final farewell, share grief and support one another in mourning. It is, perhaps, within no other life cycle rite that so many dimensions of the deeper, human consciousness – the soul – called upon.

Of a non-religious or secular nature, a Humanist funeral ceremony is a celebration, honouring, paying homage or tribute to, or remembering a life lived. With affection, love, reverence and tenderness, it positively and wholly focuses on the individual who has died and often takes the form of a biography, which may include referring to the deceased by his or her nickname, accounts of his or her childhood, education, work, places lived, relationships, hobbies, interests or pastimes, the highlights and let downs in his or her life, talents, foibles and habits, passions, challenges faced, when he or she were at their happiest or how and from what he or she derived pleasure.


I perform Humanist funeral ceremonies that span all ages from babies that have died while still in their mother’s womb to centenarians. Indeed, I can lay claim to performing the funeral of the oldest woman ever in the British Isles (she was in excess of 113 years old at the time of her death). However short or long a life and whatever the circumstances or manner of a person’s death, I will help you in creating a befitting, dignified, meaningful and sensitive funeral. Please feel free to contact me for further details.

Gary was extremely interested in my father's life, his achievements and personality prior to the service and as such, conducted a service that totally encapsulated him and fulfilled our expectations over and beyond. He made the service a very joyful experience, which led to laughter, tears and singing with our choice of music. He also ensured that the service quotes and speeches were exactly in the right vein and were appropriate for the tone, and took our lead for the content. We as a family could not have asked for a better send off.